All Pansini Percussion Drum Shells are 100% Australian made.


Due to the density of modern day acrylics, these shells have a punchy,warm and consistent projection of sound while enabling a wide tuning range. A criticism of acrylic shells in general is that some feel they sound brittle, artificial, and lack the complexity of their wood counterparts. It may be worth noting that some producers have been quoted as asking for acrylic shells as they are extremely forgiving in humidity variable environments, and seem to offer more consistent notes, session over session.

Acrylic drum shells have fewer overtones than wood or metal. In the past few years there has a very big shift in the attitude of the media towards acrylic shells, as there has been massive improvements in modern day acrylics.


•All shells bearing edges are precision cut at 45 degrees apex. 

•These shells do not have a support tab or thin strip of plastic holding the seam together.

•Pansini Percussion shells can be made to any custom size as they are 100% hand made here in Australia.

•The shells are acrylic welded at the seams thus making them air tight.

We have 3 great types of acrylic shell finishes to choose from.

Standard - high gloss Acrylic shells i.e. Glass Clear, Solid Glass Black, Sunglass Tint 560, Opal White, Glass Solid White, Glass Green Edge.

Premium - coloured Matt Satin Ice acrylic shells i.e. blue, pink, red, green, purple, yellow, orange etc.

Exotic - Custom Laser Etching or textured acrylic or hand painted shells 




we do not buy our shells from other manufacturers.

• we do not sell or supply bare shells only.

Our shells are hand made from a flat acrylic resin sheet heated, rolled and welded here in our factory in Sydney. This allows us to make the shell to any size, depth and thickness.