1. Shell Sizes:

We can make any size. And we mean ANY size!

2. Colours:

Please see our colours section.

3. Hoops / Hardware:

A. We offer a wide range of metal/wood hoops and hardware, we also make our own acrylic bass drum hoops. Have a look at our drums and hardware gallery to see some examples.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you have a pricelist I can look at?

A. Being a custom drum company each and every kit we make is different. Prices vary depending on shell choice and hardware fittings. Please contact us for a quote

2. What do your drums sound like and what is the difference between your acrylic drums and other manufacturers ?

A. The sound of our Acrylic kits have a warm fat tone, they're very punchy. We find the Pansini shells can be more resonant than wood shelled drums, with far less overtones. The reason for this being is that wood is a much more porous material than the very hard smooth glassy surface of the cast acrylic, wood absorbs more of the sound waves.

I think first and foremost it's important to understand that there are many different types of acrylic materials; there have been huge advancements in the technology and the manufacturing of modern acrylic products. Basically in the marketplace there are two main forms of acrylic, there is cast acrylic and also extruded acrylic and within each of these types there are different grades and manufacturing processes that they undergo; acrylic also varies in qualities from all parts of the world. 
Just like the many manufacturers of timber shells they are not all the same. You have professional and you're entry level drums. That being said the important thing is to understand with Pansini Percussion shells is that we use a certain type of a high-end quality acrylic that I believe sets us apart from other manufacturers. The product we use is unique to our brand and as we have discovered has certain acoustic properties that work very well for our drums; these shells UV protected as well which is great for when we use LED lighting lighting system as a lesser quality acrylic will discolour overtime and as they are not UV protected. They are all hand made here in our Sydney factory and are made and manufactured per customer, these are not mass produced or imported from overseas. The Cast Acrylic sheets that we use offer greater thermal stability and better resistance to crazing and cracking they also have greater resistance when exposed to solvents.The surfaces finishes flatness and high optical properties of Cast Acrylic are all superior to those of Extruded Acrylic.

These shells are a high density material and they lend themselves to performing great sonically as they produce a lot of subsonic low end frequencies and a lot of high-end cut and attack they have a very punchy sound and a lot of control with even resonance and will not produce a lot of overtones due to the density of the acrylic. They are far easier to tune because the thickness of the acrylic is exactly the same from one end to the other and the density is exactly the same throughout the thickness of the shell therefore producing one note and not a multitude of frequencies that fight each other. 
It is important to note that we have sold as many kits and snares to producers and engineers in studios as well as normal drummers. Because temperature changes in the weather do not affect these drums as they would with a wood shell it makes it ideal for studio use and live settings. 
Most of the major drum manufacturers use a lower grade extruded acrylic; the reasons for this is to keep the cost down and maximise profits. Using higher-quality acrylics is too expensive and not cost effective for corporations as they are always looking at the bottom dollar. 

At the end of the day we are here to offer the drummers of the world something different at a professional level and to push the envelope in the technological advancement and manufacturing of modern drums for today and the future.


3. Endorsements.

While we appreciate Drummers want to play our drums, we offer no endorsement deals, we are only a small company, so nothing is mass produced. 
Every drum has been manufactured by hand and the sound that our resin acrylic shells have is unique to our brand. Any questions email us at sales@pansinipercussion.com or call 0410550539

4. Once I place my order how long will it be untill my kit is ready?

Every kit is different but generally build time takes 8 to 16 weeks. Every single drum is custom made to order. We do not have ready made drums in stock.

Warranty Policy

Pansini Percussion warrants that all drum shells are free of material and workmanship defects for a period of (3) years from the original date of purchase. All drum hardware is covered for a period of one (1) year. Pansini Percussion will repair or replace any defective components free of charge with comparable or functionally equivalent parts to the original purchaser upon delivery of the product to Pansini Percussion.

‘Drum shell’ refers to the acrylic body of the instrument and its bearing edges and finish. ‘Drum Hardware’ refers to any and all plated metal components consisting of lugs, hoops, tension rods, throw-offs, butt plates, spurs, tom brackets, tom mounts, and other related mounting hardware.

This warranty does not cover:

◦                Drumheads and normal wear and tear.

◦                Any modifications or alterations made to original equipment or factory parts.

◦                Damage caused by neglect, moisture or temperature extremes (including, but not limited to direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, extreme heat and/or direct exposure to the elements).

◦                Mishandling, shipping incidents, or used other than what may be considered normal playing conditions.

Contact: Pansini Percussion on 0410 550 539

For sales enquiries & General info please contact :sales@pansinipercussion.com